Port and ships agency

All major and minor ships agency and Cargo agency roles are fulfilled by Oceanic Shipping and Marine.

Ships Agency, Port Agency, Owners Protective Agents, Husbandry Services

Port Clearance

  • We can arrange Port Clearances with all Port Authorities.
  • Nominating vessels with the Port for bunkers, repairs or cargo operations.

Crew Changes

  • The credibility built by Oceanic Shipping and Marine ensures a healthy working relationship with concerned authorities thereby allowing for a smooth facilitation of the process.
  • Crew change can be made whether the vessel is at berth or outer anchorage.
  • Transport and accommodation are also provided.

Medical Assistance and Escort

  • Medical evacuation and repatriation of crew is efficiently handled.

Transit of Arms and Ammunition

  • Representing and assisting international companies with the transit of arms and ammunition in South Africa, arranging all local formalities.

Ship Waste Management

  • Removal and disposal of Sludge, contaminated fuels, bilge water.
  • Removal and disposal of Garbage , oily rags, plastics.

Dry-Docking and General Ship Repairs

  • Oceanic Shipping and Marine maintains sound relationships with major ship repair and engineering companies.
  • Berths are arranged for ship repairs and dry docking.

Ship Spares In-Transit

  • Safe and timeous delivery of spare parts on board your vessel either at berth or anchorage.
  • All customs clearance will be arranged.

General Stores and Provisions

  • Chandling services are out-sourced from highly reputable Chandlers.
  • A wide selection of products ranging from fresh provisions (vegetables, fruit), dry stores, frozen products, deck, engine, electrical and cabin stores are provided.


  • Oceanic Shipping & Marine has shown nothing but professionalism and superior service in the years we have dealt with them. Diane Smith - Followill Inc.
  • Thanks to Oceanic Shipping & Marine we have never had a late delivery on a shipment. Leon van Schalkwyk - HQH Industries.

Contact Details

  • Managing Director
    Julian Naidoo

    Tel: +27 31 572 2591

    Mobile: +27 83 879 3478

    Fax: +27 86 601 5314

    Email 1: julian@oceanicshipping.co.za

    Email 2: info@oceanicshipping.co.za

  • Finance Director
    Marcia Naidoo

    Tel: +27 31 572 2591

    Mobile: +27 84 404 2375

    Fax: +27 86 601 5314

    Email: marcia@oceanicshipping.co.za

  • Physical Address

    30 Brookend Close

    Brookend Office Park

    Block 5, Ground Floor

    Sunningdale, Umhlanga 4319

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